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Modeling design, simulation and technical analysis

The technical and engineering unit, as the scientific hub of the turbogenerator, with its experienced and experienced technical team, always takes steps with the authority of international standards and the integration of academic and experimental technical knowledge in order to achieve the goals of this group as best as possible. The main role of this unit is often in analyzing, analyzing and designing products based on the latest international references.

Among the preferred tasks of this unit, the following can be mentioned:

Analysis design and modeling

  • Modeling and simulating the electrical and mechanical characteristics of all products before the manufacturing process using reliable and well-known software.
  • Validation of electrical design in exclusive software of Turbogenerator company
  • Providing mechanical technical drawings after analysis and simulation

Improvement and change of structure

The possibility of improving and changing technical specifications in order to respect the needs of customers and the optimal performance of the device with reference to international standards

Research and Development

Technological research and development (R&D) in order to discover new knowledge with the aim of improving the quality of products, processes and services according to the needs of today's industries.

Technical advice

Consulting services in supply and operation, service and maintenance depending on the type, working conditions and installation environment with the aim of increasing productivity

holding educational courses

The organizer of training courses for various industries according to their daily needs and relying on the specialized knowledge and innovation of TG technical experts in the fields of vibration analysis, condition monitoring, principles and conditions of maintenance and operation, and preventive care.


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