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Shahroud Turbogenerator Company has taken a huge step towards the self-sufficiency of the country’s power plant and refinery industry by designing and manufacturing several hundreds of horsepower generators in a wide range of structures and operations and supporting the knowledge-based projects of national research and research centers. One of the most unique capabilities of TG in this operational field is the provision of generator overhaul and reconstruction services up to 400MW at the employer’s site. Renovation and overhaul of rotor, stator and busbar construction of power plant generators up to the voltage level of 13.8KV are among other activities carried out in TG.

Induction Generators (DFIG)

Generators (DC)

Special generators

The brilliant record of Shahroud Turbogenerato in providing extensive and diverse services to the country's rail transportation industry for many years is a proof of the ability and confidence of this tried-and-tested complex. The construction and reconstruction of AC and DC traction motors, Alstom, GE and GM generators is one of the services provided by TG. In recent years, thanks to TG's specialized knowledge and experience, great steps have been taken towards the localization of the country's rail industry.

Engine traction

Exclusive manufacturing of traction AC motors in reverse engineering from French fabric samples

Reconstruction and overhaul of traction AC and DC motors of more than 300 units annually


Making the first localized example of AR10-CA5 main-auxiliary generator used in locomotives

Annual production of more than 80 18KW auxiliary generators

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