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Direct current electric motors

DC motor

Providing a wide range of services such as design and construction, overhaul and reconstruction, testing and troubleshooting of all types of DC electric motors according to the needs and requests of the employer in the range of power from 45KW to more than 10MW and rated speed from 20R.PM to 6000R.PM, the name of turbogenerator It presents itself as the most specialized service center for DC machines in parent industries.

Among the salient features of this special service, the following can be mentioned:

  • The possibility of customization according to the request and needs of the employer for special purposes
  • The possibility of providing services without limitations in power, speed, weight, dimensions, type of cooling and degree of IP protection
  • Lower cost and committed after-sales service than foreign samples
  • The possibility of full load testing up to 5MW along with the presentation of laboratory test results