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Special services

Construction and reconstruction of electromotors and permanent magnet generators for special industries

With the benefit of specialized methods and modern machines, Daneshbanyan Turbogenerator Company has included the manufacture of special devices, including permanent magnet generators, in its work plan and thus is proud to support the knowledge-based projects of national research and research centers.

Electric brake

Obtaining the first rank of Ebtekar in manufacturing devices that separate metal particles from each other in Iran is proof of the uniqueness of the services provided in this field of technology to the country’s steel industry.

Making centrifugal electric motors

Shahroud Turbogenerator, as the pioneer manufacturer of sugar centrifuge electromotors in the country, has the honor of registering the patent and innovation certificate of this product, and by producing more than 1000 of this type of device every year, in addition to meeting the needs of domestic markets, it also exports to Central Asian countries. .

Manufacturing and renovating magnetic stirrers for steel industries exclusively

Among the exclusive activities of this company in the direction of self-sufficiency in the country’s steel industry is the production of water-cooled stirrers using the process of making H thermal class bobbins and the ability to directly contact them in water.

Making spare parts and accessories

One of the most distinctive capabilities of the turbogenerator is the possibility of making all kinds of spare parts, in addition to their reconstruction, in unlimited numbers and according to the request of employers.

These parts include slip ring, collector, high pressure coils, rotor bars, rotor core and stator, shaft, bearing parts, cover, shell, fan and cooling systems.

Manufacturing and rebuilding of magnetic magnets of various industries

Construction and reconstruction of busbars, stator coils and power plant rotors without voltage and power restrictions