Turbo Generator



Fist name: Mahdi
Last name : Amerian
Date of birth:  1959
Place of birth: Shahrood
Position :  Managing director

Mr Amerian , The founder and establisher of Turbo Generator coppany graduated in Electrical engineering- power  from Khajeh Nasireddin Toosi unniversity .
After graduation,he Was employed in the Same,university at university Crusade Organization. He began his research activities in the fields of drawing Calculation and evaculation of electric machines with respect to the above mentioned research fields on the Section of electric machines .
With the Outbreak of War and  Coopration between university Crusade  and Ministry of defence  in this respect , Caused that repair and building of a number of V High – Voltage electromotors transferred to this organization and it was a fresh start for this  Section in order to work on this motors .
He was employed at Fan Generator company for a short time. 
After establishing TURBO GENERATOR CO. ,he rented a shop with on area of 30 square meters on majidiyeh street in Tehran and started winding the different kinds of electromotors .
After establishing Turbo Genarator Co ,
With respect  to the previous communication with the Honourable manager  of R&D department of Ministry of energy  , Mr Motaghed and being brought up building Roebelbars With  11 kv and 25 , 32 , 37.5 MW to Ministry of Heavy industries and applyiny technical aids and research operation on high Voltage Roebelbars .

Turbo Generator Was transferred to Shahrood and then With drawing and building required equipment , and also buying a number of devices it Succeeded in drawing and building Roebelbars in Iran for the first time .

Upshot, when the TURBO GENERATOR CO. with special activity and Thoroughbred team was provided by Eng AMERIAN , because of accident occurrence in mission for running the big steel project , at 1 , june 2009 , ENG AMERIAN demised.